Barkend Studios

Barb & Kend

About Barkend Studios

Barkend Studios began in 2002 as a home-based sideline to our respective day jobs. Kend retired and has more time to work on his metal sculptures, and Barb is still working and envious of his free time.

Kend discovered he loves cutting and welding metal to build everything from workbenches and tools to garden art and large wind-driven mobile sculptures. A new artstic partnership was born after over thirty years of marriage when Kend convinced Barbara to contribute some designs for small "yard art" animal sculptures.

Barbara discovered the joys of making lampworked glass beads, and enjoys heading out to the studio to "play with glass and fire" on weekend mornings. For variety, she hauls out her beading supplies and creates new beaded necklaces and earrings, incorporating her hand made, one-of-a-kind lampworked beads.

Both Kend and Barbara are fascinated with glass in all forms, and enjoy experimenting with color, texture, and form to create unique decorative and functional fused glass pieces.

To our delight we found other people like our work and are even willing to buy a piece on occasion. We've made and sold stainless steel and "rusty" steel animals, wind-powered kinetic sculptures, decorative iron gates, lampworked glass beads and jewelry, and decorative and functional fused glass from small bowls to decorative "wall-fish".

What next? Who knows, but we look forward to the discovery! We hope you'll share a bit of the journey with us, and browse our web site to see a little of what we are up to.