Sunday evening  Davis International Folkdancers class at the  Davis Art CenterDavis International Folkdancers at Octoberfest performance at I-House in Davis, 2008Davis Internation Folkancers at Whole Earth Festival at UC Davis 2008



Davis International Folkdancers is a recreational folk dance club in Davis, California. See our Schedule of Events for the current calendar.

Our core repertoire is comprised of dances of the Balkan countries, including Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, and Macedonia. We also enjoy dances from Israel, Brittany, the United States, Japan, and many other regions of the world. We do mostly line and circle dances that do not require a partner, but we also do some couple dances.

New members and guests are welcome any time. We especially encourage international students and scholars to join us, and bring traditional dances and music to share.

Each evening begins with easy warm-up dances, followed by instruction. Usually we learn one easier dance suitable for beginners, and one harder dance suitable for intermediate or advanced dancers, every week. We end with an hour or so of "all request" dances. We periodically have "All Request" nights, which are very popular. Check the schedule for the next All Request evening.

Come join us one evening - we'll be happy to have you!


Club Organization Information

We were actually organized as a Club with bylaws and everything the end of October 2008, so here's the basic information:

  • Club Bylaws
  • Club Officers

  • We are a non-profit tax exempt group under IRC 501(c)(4), "Social Welfare Organization". Note that any donations to our group are NOT tax-deductible for federal tax purposes.

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