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UC Davis folk dance club, "Belasicko Oro", 1970s

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Brief History:

Davis International Folkdancers began as a student club on the campus of the University of California at Davis, probably as long ago as the mid-1950's. Existing records of the Club's activities go back to 1979 (or perhaps slightly earlier). The original meeting night was Tuesday, but during the late 1970's and early 1980's the club met every Sunday night. The usual meeting place was the dance studio in Hickey Gym at UC Davis, with it's beautiful hardwood dance floor and mirrored walls. Before that the club met at The Silo, which at that time still had a lovely wood floor and stone fireplace. The club also briefly met in the cavernous "Lower Freeborn", where we had to dance around the supporting posts, on a hard concrete floor; and I remember some meetings in the old campus "coffeehouse" as well.

The Club moved off-campus in the early 1990's because the last of the graduate students who had been running the club finished their advanced degrees and moved away from Davis. Without registered students, the Club could no longer organize under the auspices of UC Davis, so we moved to the Stonegate Country Club neighborhood center in April 1993, where we continued until December 2004. We met for a few months at the Davis Art Center, but in early 2005 we migrated to International House in Davis on Sunday nights, where we continued to dance through August 2008. In September 2008 we moved back to the large dance studio at the Davis Art Center where we were welcomed with great enthusiasm by the wonderful staff at the Art Center.

The original Club's collection of dance music was on vinyl, primarily either 45 rpm or 33 rpm records. The dances were later transferred to cassette tape, then to "mini disc" format, and most recently to CD for "archive" purposes. Currently, we run our program off an aging laptop computer. Most of the original vinyl records are still in the Club collection, though they are only used today as the source if a new "daily use" recording is needed.

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