Barkend Studios


The images below show a few of Kend's wind-powered "kinetic sculptures".

The "butterfly tower" - a real centerpiece for the garden! Stainless steel and steel sculpture. The top portion turns in the wind, and big steel basket sways with the breeze.

Two sets of garden chimes, made of steel. The longest chimes are about 6 feet long. They ring harmonious notes and have a lovely, mellow tone.


$150.00 for the larger set (plus tax, shipping)

Three red sails flying around a fantasy sea creature. Sails are available in red, white, yellow, and blue - or other colors on request.
Three sparkling metal sailboats - one made of copper, one made of brass, and one made of polished stainless steel - sail the yard in a light or lively breeze!
Mobile sculpture of forged and formed steel and novelty glassware...sorry, this one sold to our mail carrier!
Wind shells made of forged iron and pounded steel.