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The Civil War Diaries of John H. Merrell

John H. Merrell, editor Barbara Linderholm's great, great grandfather, kept a series of diaries during the Civil War, beginning in September 1861 and ending in October 1864. One volume is missing, presumably lost in the mail during the war, but the other volumes exist and were donated by the family to the special collections library at UCLA in the 1960's.

Barbara Linderholm transcribed the diaries to computer in 1991 and 1992, working from photocopies made from the microfilm at the UCLA library. The files posted on this web site were given a very cursory proofreading and update in 2006. Much work remains to be done, including researching and including any existing original photographs or other ancillary materials, but so far the editor has not had time to pursue this project at any great length. Several scholars and historians have requested access to the diaries, and to that end these files are made available to all, with the requirement only that appropriate acknowledgment be given to the editor. The files are all in .pdf format.

If you have questions please contact the editor, Barbara Linderholm, by e-mail: linderholm[(at)] Please put "Merrell Diaries" in the subject line.

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