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Other Metal Sculptures

Below are thumbnail images of some of our other metal sculptures for the home and garden. And remember, if you don't see exactly what we want, Contact us and place a special order!

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A collaborative project for a professional backyard landscape. The sun was designed by landscaper John Rensing, and fabricated by metal artist Kend Linderholm.

Not for sale.

A cheerful stainless steel greets visitors at this front door.

$40.00 (plus tax, shipping)

A sleek, slightly abstract stainless steel roadrunner.

$40.00 (plus tax shipping)


running horse sculpture image

Running horse, aka "Rusty Jr.", measures 23" wide x 15" tall, and is mounted on a 3' steel rod.

$35.00 (plus tax, shipping)

(Also available in polished stainless steel, $50.00).


mushrooms sculpture image

Mushrooms - no two are alike! Each measures about 8" wide x 10" tall, mounted on 4" steel rod.

$10 each or three for $25.00 (plus tax, shipping)

peccary sculpture image

Peccary, 15-1/2" wide x 7" tall on 6" steel rod. Maybe you'd have to be an alumnus of Webb School to understand the significance of this one...

$35.00 (plus tax, shipping)


quail sculpture image

California quail, 8" w x 12-1/2" tall, on 6" steel rod. Maybe someday there will be quail babies, too.

$25.00 (plus tax, shipping)

dragonfly sculpture image

Dragonfly, 4"x5", on 15" steel rod.

$12.00 (plus tax, shipping)

butterfly sculpture

Butterfly, 4"x5", on 20" high steel rod.

$12.00 (plus tax, shipping)

heron sculpture image

Heron, 38" w x 26" long, on 4' steel rod. This was one of Kend's very first sculptures!

$50.00 (plus tax, shipping)